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400 Ersta Pastel Sandpaper

This paper has a uniform surface enabling fine detail work

Acid Free Fine Sanded Pastel Sandpaper

5mtr. Rolls 76cm wide  £49.00

Sheets  50cm x 76cm (approx 30”x 20”)   £5.00 each

     Prices include VAT    Plus carriage

Free Paper Samples Available

Pastel Pencils on Sandpaper

Faber Castel Pitt Pastel Pencils and Carb

 Othello Pastel Pencils work well on these

 papers, as do many other soft pastels.

Permanent Fastmount Self Adhesive Mounting Board is ideal as a rigid backing for pastel sandpaper. these Boards have a very strong adhesive.

Available from: Arqadia, Bedford MK42 7AD. phone 01234 852777.

If Arqadia won’t supply direct to you get a Picture Framer to obtain a pack for you

the product details are: Ref. number 999 000 350 which is a  pack of 5 Boards

815mm x 1120mm, If you cut them in half you end up with two boards

815 x 560mm slightly larger than the sheets of Pastel Sandpaper.

*Use a 150mm wide hand held rubber printers roller available

on Ebay around £3.50 to apply the paper to the Board

Cutting Sanded Pastel Sandpapers

The best method is with a STANLEY type knife, cutting from the back

of the paper, the blade won’t blunt so quickly.

A number of years ago we were asked to stock a paper called

BS119  P500 which is stearate coated, within a short period of time

artists complained that pastel pigment came off the paper, so we no longer stock them as they are designed to be non clogging and will Shed pigment.

Identifying Sanded Pastel Sandpapers, see grit type below.

The grit count does not identify the paper type.

544C3 is the type, 400 is the grit count, Grit type Aluminium Oxide.

 713E P400 Ersta Paper

The surface colour can be changed by thinning acrylic paint with Talens Acrylic

Medium (or a similar product) direct from the bottle or with a little water added before mixing into the paint. Don’t thin the paint with water only.

Washing pastel off this paper

Ersta P400 is not waterproof but it will withstand a quick clean with water, artists have been successful in doing this, experiment.

Artists Paints

OIL PASTELS - Sennelier

ACRYLIC PAINT - Golden, Rembrandt

OIL PAINT - Rembrandt, Van Gogh

WATERCOLOUR PAINT - Rembrandt, Schmincke

PASTEL PAPER - Canson Mi-Teintes

Cross Stitch Kit Less Than Half Price

Extra Discount for Quantity

1  Derwentwater Designs, Lanarte Eva Rosenstand, Teresa Wentzler,Thea Gouverneur.

2  Heritage Stitchcraft - including John Clayton, John Stubbs,Toni Goffe (Little Black Cat)

      Valerie Pfeiffer, Peter Underhill, Margaret Sherry.

3  DMC - Flower Fairies, Suzy’s Zoo, Somebunny to Love, The Magic Roundabout, Lickle Ted.

Many  other items to follow.

More clearance items to follow.  Watch this space.

Clearance Items.

 For up to date lists of remaining stock please e-mail